It's almost September!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Again and again, where did time go?!?!

August is about to end and the -ber months are just around the bend. Smells Christmas to me! LOL! But before Christmas, there's Halloween we are excited about. It's our third year spending Halloween in this compound, and only last year did we realize how fun it is to join the other homeowners :)

The association arranges for an afternoon costume party for the kids and after the sun sets, the kids go trick or treating around the houses. This year since we still don't have kids at home, we invited my cousin's daughter Tori to attend. We are just glad that she has become more sociable (TG for playschools!), and at two years old, we think she will appreciate the party and the househopping :) Now her mom is off to find a nice Halloween costume for her. I'm sure she'll do a good job finding one. She just loves dressing her daughter up (gawd, the little girl has more pairs of shoes than me LOL!)