Trip details

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

As I said, we're all set. My dress is ready and everything that we need to bring is already in the bag I prepared before we left Malabon today. We just need to buy some bottled water, my milk and some snacks for Friday afternoon.

To save on gas and toll, Ane and I decided to carpool with Papi and Mami. I said we're bringing Aragon with us but since Tisay didn't make it here in QC because of the flood, we're re-thinking that. If my brothers have some serious tasks to do while we're away, then we just might bring Espee along. It might be less comfy for me (but comfy still) but come to think of it, we might save more on gas with Espee. Aragon is a big laklakero ng krudo! :D

Before yesterday, we planned to leave a bit after lunch. Meet for lunch at ADB since I crave Mongolian BBQ. Brave the 08-08-08 traffic and be at Caleruega around 5pm, just enough time to freshen up before the 6pm wedding. Then after the reception, we will look for a reasonable place to stay at for the night in Tagaytay because Hubby didn't feel right driving at midnight. Have breakfast on Saturday and then head home coz the others have another wedding to attend. Sounds like a good plan, eh?

But yesterday, Des said there is still an available villa in Caleruega and for P900/pax with breakfast & a possible group discount courtesy of the marrying couple, that sounded even more practical. The plan is now more concrete and we're leaving earlier, at 9am, to maximize our villa time. Plus we get to enjoy more our most favorite place South of Manila :)

Yayay! Guess who's excited?!?!?!?!!? :D