I'm overwhelmed.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

For the first time in weeks, I am overwhelmed with the things I wanna share or post here. Hehe. I imagine myself flooding my blog/s today, that is if I don't get too sleepy in a while, LOL! Maybe I am pshyched that I am already at the start of my week 12 (so a week 11 update is in order) because books and online resources say that pregnant women passing their first trimester get re-energized.

***And Lara complains I'm updating less frequently, nasisira daw ang morning ritual nya kapag walang bagong binabasa, LOL!!

Some notes (some blog prompts, too):
  1. Congrats to one happy girl who is in the gym right now after receiving her Passport from Delbros with her H1B Visa! (Also with the news that her friend, one of our prayer warriors too, is two weeks pregnant after their IVF sessions. We hope she's carrying twins!)
  2. Ane's birthday on Monday and last night's treat (more like I wanna share where we got the pancit!).
  3. OB checkup on Tuesday :)
  4. Share in my playground my latest digiscrap loot courtesy of Aggie's GC and two layouts that are long overdue for sharing!
  5. Do a mala-nobelang entry to answer Aggie's WTK 3, this will help me remember the events of the past half year (before we know it it's already Christmas!!!)
  6. I wanna scrap! I have so many ideas in mind but I just dunno how to put them all together! And I wanna finish our wedding album badly...
Madami pa, kaya lang pag sinulat ko pa lahat dito baka lalo akng tamarin! LOL!


Here's an "award" I got from Faye. I dunno what's "kadamo" means though.

Mga Kadamo;
1.)Janeth Vicy’s Life Journey2.) My Precious Niche3.) Just Me.. Eds4.) Eds Mommy Life5.) ISL Family6.) Me and Mine7.) Creative in Me8.) Little Peanut9.) For the LOVE of Food10.) Pea in a Pod11.) Quicke8


Now off to flood..hopefully ;)