Daday’s Cup

Sunday, March 14, 2010

On February 24, Daday held her second Badminton Cup to celebrate her birthday. Almost everyone was stuck in heavy traffic jam because part of EDSA was closed for the People Power Anniversary celebration. But that did not stop anyone from having a great time. I was supposed to play, after about three years of not playing. But I was sick and my body was not conditioned for some physical activity. So Badong and I decided I will not play anymore to spare my partner. But I still went to show support :)

Badong & Roy for the Men and Rors & Joy (ladies) emerged as the champions. They got a left handed boobsie girl each as a trophy :)


It just sucks that I was not able to defend my title. Yes I was the champion in Daday’s Cup 1! But only because my partner was really good, LOL!

Speaking of tournaments, my cousin’s friend in the US is holding a sports tourney of his own, only in Baseball because that’s his current passion. I heard he will give away personalized baseball bats as trophies. He showed me the design and I am sure his players will like it!

Anyway, back to Daday’s Cup – mare, hold another one next year. I really wish I will be able to join by then :)