Supplier Rating: Give-away and Game Prizes

Saturday, March 06, 2010

When the inspiration to have an M&M-themed party came about, I immediately informed my sister about it which was just the right timing – Halloween was just around the corner. So a day after Trick or Treat, she trooped to the stores and grabbed M&M packs on sale. And she did not charge me a thing :) The candies arrived before Christmas and I was surprised to see that she sent hundreds of fun packs. I was delighted :)

Right after New Year, Darla tagged me along to Divisoria to buy toys as game prizes. I had extra money with me in case we needed to buy more stuff but turned out Darla brought enough already. For the loot bags, we we’re just thinking of buying small toys and put them inside a small bag with the M&Ms. But when we were walking around, we saw this store that sells different coin banks. Darla had a vision and thought of giving away bear coin banks with the candies :) It was a nice touch if I may say. The kids also enjoyed choosing the prize they like from the prize table.

collage4prizes  Divisoria will always be the right place to explore. Because of that rating is 5 out of 5 :)