Supplier Rating; Fotoadik Photobooth

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A photobooth was in my “nice-to-have list”. I really wanted to have one to serve as the guest souvenir from the party. But since I was working on a budget, I didn’t know how I can still add it in. I kept it in my list though. I was ready to give up until my in-laws pledged contribution. It was also the same time when my brother Gi attended a party where there was a photobooth serviced by not one of the industry leaders but still worked for him and his friends. Gi pointed me to Fotoadik’s mulitply and found out that their service is cheaper by P2500 for the same package offered by another supplier! I also realized that Fotoadik’s package is the cheapest at that time. We got the two-hour package and since they had a promo until end of December 2009, we got 30minutes extension for free. By now, you know Ane gave in to my wish! Darla contacted them. sent me the contract, sent it back after I signed, paid the DP and we were good to go :)

We arrived at Acropolis and the set-up was almost ready. The doctors who own Fotoadik were also there to supervise. I did the layouts for the background and souvenir photo which was just fine-tuned by their artist.


Everybody had a blast in the booth! We were not able to avail of the thirty-minute stop time anymore as the guests didn’t stop falling in line :) A copy of all the pictures, raw and printed, were given to us already before they packed-up. We’d be glad to have them again…if we have not yet set up our own photobooth business, LOL!

Rating: 5 out of 5