Election Woes

Friday, March 19, 2010

This has always been an apolitical blog, so this post is really not about the candidates for Presidency or local positions. Instead this is about my voting dilemma. One day I asked my mom:

Me: Are we allowed to bring our own pen to vote?!

Mom: No, just wear a pair of gloves if you must! (She knew right away why I had to ask!)

Me: (crestfallen) What if I don’t vote anymore?!

With that, Dad gave me the disappointed look of course! LOL!

I was kidding when I said I’d rather not vote than use a pen that isn’t mine. But see it will really be too much of an effort for me to use someone else’s pen. I am OC that way. I bring at least one pen all the time and refuse to use another as much as I can. Because when it is not mine that I use, my brain synapses send messages to my entire body that it is icky and full of germs. Haha. Crazy.

No this isn’t a joke. Just thinking about the moment I need to vote with the prescribed pen already brings tears to my eyes.

But I will vote and let my voice be heard. There’s alcohol anyway ;)


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