Pacquiao-Clottey Fight at Dad’s Kamayan

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We started the day early at 7am. We had an extra ticket so we were able to tag Aiza along. Thank God, she was there to assist me with Abi :) We got to the branch just in time for breakfast. Since Abi was up early, she was cranky of course and wanted only me. But I was able to grab some breakfast, juts the same.

We were seated in one corner, with the drinks station just beside us, because we wanted a bigger space for K’s stroller. You bet it was a busy corner but it didn’t matter because we were able to ask for refills and ice right away. We also chose that table after seeing the exit sign opposite the drinks station on the layout. I thought, there, we have a place to run to when K becomes to fussy about the noise. But alas, the “exit” turned out to be a room where they bring the used plates to and where the food from downstairs are brought up. Now the monitors are on that side so we were blocked most of the time because the waiters kept walking back and forth! It was not an issue, however, when the main fight was up because settled down.

Lunch was served before the main event but the buffet set-up was not enough to serve everyone quickly. I’m thinking Dad’s overdid their reservations! Plus the people/guests have no consideration of the other paying customers. Imagine hoarding the food and never finishing the entire plate! So disgusting and disappointing. See people, when you say eat-all-you-can buffet, it means taking only what you can digest and getting some more if you still can. Simple. I imagined all those unfortunate families who have nothing to eat and yet those who feel privileged think it is okay to waste food. Tsk. I imagine the wastage to be at least 1/4 of the actual consumption and that is sad. The tickets said “no left-over” but I guess others don not know what that means! And the management was not able to charge double anymore.

Okay back to the fight. It was so boring I almost fell asleep! But I was glad nonetheless because it was not that exciting so the noise was at minimum. There were a few catcalls and claps but not enough to wake Abi. Yes, she slept through Manny’s fight, LOL! For that I feel blessed enough :) By now everyone already knows how the fight turned out. Of course, Manny won by unanimous decision!

Overall, I think it was a good decision to just watch the fight in a restaurant rather than in a theater or at the Araneta (if my family decided to watch in Araneta, Abi and I would have been left behind again). At least we got even with the food we consumed :)

PS. Can you tell we were busy eating so pictures are lacking?! :)