Comment: Review on Innovatech Products

Monday, July 19, 2010

While searching for a company that does tile removal services, I came across the website of Innovatech Products. I was doing the research for a friend’s uncle who plans to renovate his house. He needs a reliable company to do some work on the floors all over the house. I will surely lead him to the Innovatech website so he could see the options himself. While at the website, I got curious about the clean and simple design of the main page and saw this review later on. I am in the process of fixing some of the sites I own and the tips written in this review gave me ideas on where to start. I agree that colors play a big part in the design as well as the fonts used. Typography certainly takes the cake because the visitors’ attention is easily caught by the header images with words that stand out because of the size and color. I also believe that a web page design need not be too complex for it to work wonders. I understand site owners need to make the websites load as fast as possible to avoid visitors leaving right away. Keeping visitors in the site is already great marketing as it is, right?