FB Clean Up

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paranoia kicked in last night when the Twitter Bebots talked about slashing FB contacts to include only those who we really know. I do not have that many in my contacts but I felt compelled to re-check the friends tab. I consider myself a social media snob (LOL!) because I don’t just add anyone. But there were times that I felt un-nice or tiny for ignoring or denying requests so there are some in my contacts that I am re-thinking at the moment. It is actually a dilemma so I decided to just create a limited list to put all those I cannot categorize in my existing list :)

With that out of the way for now, next on my to-do list is nag ask Ane to clean up his account for our daughter’s secuity! :D


Jhari said...

Me too ate Kaje, I'm editing friend's list. Privacy narin sa mga photos na wala akong hijab, hehe! Si Hubby din pinapansin baka kung sino sino daw makakita, hehe!