Keisuke Today

Saturday, July 24, 2010


The picture is not actually taken today but after his last grooming session. His coat is longer now :) I have not shared anything about our dear Keisuke for the longest time. He is turning four years old early next month! How time flies. He is now considered a fully grown adult dog! He is still his happy, playful and kulit self. He is not a big fan of Klaire because he barks like crazy when K walks around. That or he just wants to play with her. Now I don’t allow that yet because I think Kei doesn’t know yet that our K is also a human being, LOL but one of his stuffed toys! Scary, haha. Another theory: he thinks he is also a human being so the first born syndrome kicks in every now and then hehe.

A few months ago, he was diagnosed to have a liver disease (like Hepa in humans?). He didn’t have the ability to digest his food fully or he was eating too much. Good thing it was controllable by medicines and change in diet. We’re just glad it was diagnosed early or we could have lost him. His eyes we’re yellow when he was brought to the vet! We thought it was a simply anemia. He had to endure blood extractions too. Last night we received the good news, that according to the latest blood test, his levels are now all normal. He is now off the meds, yey!

We’ll probably cake or ice cream for his birthday to celebrate! :)