Eczema is Not Contagious

Friday, July 09, 2010

I read that eczema is a skin condition that is due to hypersensitivity reaction in the skin similar to allergies. In adults, it is generally a long-term and recurring condition. My dad is suffering from this condition and I noticed over the weekend that some parts of his skin are currently irritated. I told him to see his dermatologist soon to ease the irritation. However, I just read that treatment for eczema is not really to treat it but to contain it instead. While topical ointments can clear the rashes, eczema is not totally healed. Dad will just have to make sure his skin is properly moisturized (taking a shower three times a day will not help!) and avoid stress, temperature changes & exposure to environmental irritants. In short, stay home in the meantime Dad! :)


Jhari said...

Yung uncle ni bff ko ate may ganyan. Tapos special pa siya. He's on his 40's narin. People are looking at him before when he was younger like "kadiri" pero now that marami ng tao may alam na hindi siya nakakahawa eh mas na-aapreciate nila si tito Pogs. I miss him narin.

Kaje said...

Jha, I know right?! people need to learn to reserve comments and judgements until they know the real score. Fortunately, marami na rin naman ang educated :)