MOB Day at the Grocery

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I’ve been meaning to blog about the My-Own-Bag Day in SM Supermarkets but I always forget. When Zanne posted about it in her blog, I made sure to star her post so I will remember :)

MOB Day is on Wednesdays. It means the use of plastic bags are minimized. Customers are offered to put their loots in boxes and paper bags if no reusable or green bags were brought. We highly support this drive that we still bring our green bags even if we do not  buy our weekly groceries on a Wednesday. As of this writing, we now have 8 green bags, enough to hold our weekly supply.

I just noticed though that the cashiers and baggers are not as involved in this drive as they should be. I mean they are efficient in bagging the items on Wednesdays and fit everything in the bags we bring. But on other days, we would end up bringing home about 5 extra plastic bags on top of the green bags because the items are not efficiently packed. I know the MOB day is just one day each week but I think SM should also train their cashiers and baggers to maximize the use of green bags even on other days.

If we all cooperate in helping the environment then maybe we can really save the Earth for our children’s children doing little things like this.