Broken promise

Monday, July 28, 2008

And I thought I was over the laziness!! LOL! I said I had so many things to say but I was virtually gone after the halfway there round-up (which took me hours to finish!). So while I'm going over, I will tell you what I've been up to. Talk about multi-tasking, LOL!

Hubby and I have been spending Sundays with my family at my parents'. And then we're in Malabon from Sunday night until Wednesday after lunch (he has games Wednesday nights). I'm practically left alone at home on Mondays (like today), when hubby goes to work and my mother in-law supplies me food, how convenient, heheh. When we're here, I have very limited 'puter time since hubby hogs the pc playing Cabal. He'll be home in about two hours, so my time is almost up. My Ivy stays with my brother since he still hasn't replaced his conked-out laptop. We're back in QC on W's and I stay there until Friday when I wait for Hubby to be off from work, then I attend Rotary meetings on Friday nights in Bulacan and spend the night in Malabon. We leave very early on Saturdays for H's work, and then night-outs with friends after their games. And then Sundays start the same routine for the week.

I have so much idle time it seems but when in QC, I'm too lazy to get Ivy from brother's room where she sleeps so I entertain myself with the TV (too much I'd say, can't blame me, we don't have cable in Malabon!). I get to watch DVD's too -- latest movies: The Kite Runner (which made me cry!) and 27 Dresses. I also read and am so into the Twilight series (go Team Edward!) and I'm almost done with book 2, New Moon. G's friend Tin lent me all three books and the final one is going to be out in August. I wonder who can lend me a copy right away! Can't wait!

More stories to share, coming up! :)