Hubby became a Millionaire in two weeks...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's a virtual millionaire, that is! LOL! He recently discovered a new online game that has been keeping him busy at nights and during his days-off. {Yeah, I've been a neglected wifey, huhuhu} He now has virtual money to buy clothes, accessories and weapons. Oh how I wish that's real money, LOL! And how I wish it's that easy to earn money! Then we wouldn't be needing mortgage lenders at all. Our economy is really crazy nowadays. I wonder how the minimum and below-minimum wage earners can even survive a day. I hope the "crisis" we are going through right now will be alleviated soon.

For now, I can do nothing but allow hubby to play and play and earn his virtual bucks! But he has to accept too that I'll be nagging him if he continues to stay up late every night, LOL!


Anonymous said...

dakdakdakdakdakdak... tulog na!!! LOL!