More than a week (and some bits)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

That’s how long before I am able to post again. No excuses this time. I sit and think, then close the Writer, many time over in the last few days. I simply caught the dunno-where-to-start syndrome again. Hehe.


Anyway, as most of you already know, Klaire celebrated her first birthday last week. The party was a blast! Wait for my supplier ratings, okay? (As if it matters, ha!)

Our princess literally grew before our eyes. As I said in my thank you speech during the party, it was an amazing year and I am looking forward to more years I get to spend with dear daughter. She knows a lot of tricks already (beautiful eyes, dancing, clapping after every song, kissing etc), so adorable! She also discovered shadows and cracks up every time we play with the “black ones”.

We visited her Pedia today and she was given the a-okay stamp. She is now 9 kilos and her height is 27.5 inches. We were also given the signal to change her milk to regular ones like Nido or Anchor.

Klaire likes it very much when she sees a lot of people around her (especially kids running and playing!). But gets really cranky when other people try to touch her at all. She would smile and wave hello & goodbye as long as she is left untouched.

On Badong, he scared me yesterday when he went home feeling so weak. I feared he had some stomach bug and I honestly thought we’d spend the night in the ER. He got better today, thankfully. But if he still cannot go to work tomorrow, then I will have to drag him to the doctor and find out what’s wrong.

As for me, I had blood extracted a few weeks ago for the monitoring of my cholesterol. I was able to return for the results and consultation with my Internist yesterday. Bottom line is, my numbers are all within range yet are not impressive. The bad cholesterol level is two points shy of being beyond the normal range so I should look out for that, continue my maintenance meds. I was also advised to lose some weight.