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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kitchen Krafts c/o Darla


One of my inspirations for having an M&M’s theme is the cake I saw from a photographer’s site. I showed the picture to Darla and asked her to find a supplier for Klaire’s cake. Now I was not too particular about the design and did not set a high budget for the cake because I believe that cakes are not exactly the highlight of a party. We ended up with Kitchen Krafts because the first cake maker that Darla approached was too professional to copy the design ;) KK was not the first choice because I knew their cakes can get expensive but they worked within my budget and I was still satisfied with how it looked. Only, I just realized now that Abi’s cake looks like a cheap-o version of Dom’s cake, LMAO!

Only the top tier was edible coz I didn’t plan on serving the cake anyway. It was made of chocolate and we enjoyed it at home that weekend. The cookie-topper was not as edible as we thought it would be, matigas masyado! :) The bottom part, I gave to Darla coz she said she wanted to display it in her showroom :)

Rating: 5 out of 5


Anonymous said...

hi tin, have used kitchen krafts twice na: ryan's 1st and 4th bday. will use again sa 7th naman. - lara

Tin said...

oo nga naalala ko bdays ni ryan. nung day itself ko lang nalaman na KK pala yung cake ni Abi heheheh

walkonred said...

mare, natawa naman ako! d naman no,magkaiba cakes ni klaire at dom at both maganda! yan lang kasi ata trend talaga ngaun ung may mga toppers na ganyan :D how much inabot to? ang cute!


Kaje said...

Mareng Kathy hahahha, pareho kasi ng mga nakatusok tusok, yung kay Abi denser lang than Dom's LOL :) nangungulet lang haha tsaka trademark yata talaga ng KK ganyang design, naiiba lang ang topper. 3k inabot, sulit na din :)

Jacqui said...

hi kaje, jacqui here ...wala lang, didn't know you have a blog din pala. hehehe!

was looking for party venues, acropolis and i saw your blog. really nice! :)