Easter Blog-hop for a Cause

Monday, March 29, 2010

I am compelled to do this tag from my Kumareng Beng because it is for a cause :) I went to the Hershey’s Better Basket site and so far there are only about 300 responses, less than 200 more to go! Let’s do this, ladies, for the CMN. This is only up to Easter (12PM EST). Be counted now!


Image clickable :) Here are the rules:


  • Copy and paste these rules to your blog post.
  • Create a blog post giving a virtual Easter Basket to another blogger – you can give as many Virtual Baskets as you want.
  • Link back to person who gave you an Easter Basket.
  • Let each person you are giving a Virtual Easter Basket know you have given them a Basket.
  • Leave your link at BetterBasket.info/BlogHop comment section. You can also find the official rules of this #betterbasket blog hop, and more information about Better Basket with Hershey’s there.
  • Hershey’s is donating $10 per each blog participating to the Better Basket Blog Hop to Children’s Miracle Network (up to total of $5,000 by blog posts written by April 4th, 2010).
  • Please note that only one blog post by each blog url will count towards the donation.

Since this is for a cause, I will be sending link to this entry to my twitter friends who are all bloggers, too.


edit: ooopps, the comment section of Better Basket is moderated, so I am not sure how many have done this already. Hmmmmm…

Earth Hour

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Two hours ago, our house and community was in semi-darkness for about an hour. We participated in Earth Hour and had to turn off the lights from 830-930pm. Since we have a baby in the house, we left the night light on during the activity. To avoid power surge, we kept the ref, fans and computers on.

It is our way of saving energy. We surely need to save, especially now that there is a shortage in electricity and water.

Problem with your PLDTDSL Connection?

Friday, March 19, 2010

For the longest time, we were having problems with the intermittent connection of our broadband internet. At first we attributed it to my younger brother’s cheap Wi-Fi dongle. We were fine until the connection would be cut every thirty minutes, we were less productive and our downloads would return errors.

Upon doing some research, my other brother found out that PLDT was doing upgrades so maybe our line was affected and that our router may not be compatible to the new system. True enough when we try to just connect the main pc to the modem, it worked well.

So our next step was obviously to buy a new router. We also bought Gi a new and branded dongle. We settled for D-Link DIR600 after hearing good reviews. Now we’re connected 24/7 without interruptions!

If you are experiencing the same problem, then maybe you would like to check your router too :)



I have been corresponding with our agent’s secretary. Apparently, this is the year that our policies can be applied for the self-liquidating program which means we are done paying the premiums. Yey. We are still contemplating to get Klaire her own (although budget is also a consideration hihi) plus I would also like to ask about term life insurance rates so we could ascertain if we can afford another coverage or not.

Election Woes

This has always been an apolitical blog, so this post is really not about the candidates for Presidency or local positions. Instead this is about my voting dilemma. One day I asked my mom:

Me: Are we allowed to bring our own pen to vote?!

Mom: No, just wear a pair of gloves if you must! (She knew right away why I had to ask!)

Me: (crestfallen) What if I don’t vote anymore?!

With that, Dad gave me the disappointed look of course! LOL!

I was kidding when I said I’d rather not vote than use a pen that isn’t mine. But see it will really be too much of an effort for me to use someone else’s pen. I am OC that way. I bring at least one pen all the time and refuse to use another as much as I can. Because when it is not mine that I use, my brain synapses send messages to my entire body that it is icky and full of germs. Haha. Crazy.

No this isn’t a joke. Just thinking about the moment I need to vote with the prescribed pen already brings tears to my eyes.

But I will vote and let my voice be heard. There’s alcohol anyway ;)


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Take extra care, Mae!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My friend Mae needs to stay in bed most of the time because of pain. She's not taking joint pain relief medications because it's her lower back that's the problem. I haven't heard from her yet but last I read from her blog it could be slipped disc and that she could not sit for longer than an hour. These are the instances that I hope she stayed in the country so we can look after her (not that she's incapable of taking care of herself, huh). And besides, her stories tell me that her new friends over there are helpful. We can only pray that she's always safe and that whatever obstacles she has at this time of her life, she will overcome, which I'm sure she will. We miss you mare!

Supplier Rating: Jane Ogena for Klaire’s Dress

I almost let Klaire wear something really simple. I never thought of her dress until I saw this dress online:

dress4_pinkprincess dress4a_pinkprincess

Ain’t this a beauty? I thought of having it in shades of green since Green (the character) is the only girl among the M&M’s. And I knew Klaire will look like a princess :) I knew it was a long shot to even ask a quote from the sikat kids’ designer, she quoted me P3500, LOL! Of course that’s way out of budget considering that K probably won’t wear the dress again. Tita Eddie is also out of the question even if someone offered to pay for it (the only way to go is for Tita Eddie to do it for free LOL). So I asked my friends and luckily, Des’ sister’s officemate make dresses on weekends. I was introduced to Ms. Jane Ogena. I took the plunge and trusted Ate Aia’s recommendation & my instincts. Not to mention, the fee was so affordable.

We met before New Year at Promenade and she even offered to deliver the dress a week later. Of course I declined since babies tend to grow faster, I was afraid the dress won’t fit anymore in time for the party. This is what I liked about Ms. Jane – I was intent on lying about when we need the dress but lying is not my best asset I just had to tell the truth and made Ms. Jane promise not to disappoint me about deadlines.

After one fitting, the dress was ready one week before the party. I was just hoping there was a proper lining (or maybe my standards are too high after having worn Tita Eddie gowns for the past few years) and the dress did not smell bad. But I figured I only paid this much so I should have expected to have the dress dry-cleaned myself. I’m just thankful it was delivered (we actually picked it up in Timog where Ms. Jane’s office is located) early so there was time to get rid of the smell. Imagine if she delivered late, then the dress won’t even be ready for the party!

Here’s the dress:


And I paired it with this pair of shoes from Suki Kids:


I was not too keen about the hue of the bottom layer but it worked fine anyway. 

Will definitely contact Ms. Jane again for future needs :)

Rating: 5 out of 5

Early Night

Last night, after I made some notes on work that needs to be done (overwhelming, I tell you! And reminded me of my mom’s request to find a song!), I decided to sleep early. I pulled an all-nighter just the other day so I noticed eye bags (on second thoughts, since when were they ever gone?!). What’s weird, dark eye circle is more noticeable on the right! Remind me to buy cucumbers the next time we visit the grocery :)

Anyway, I am now fully rested and ready to work! :) Have a nice day everyone!

Pacquiao-Clottey Fight at Dad’s Kamayan

We started the day early at 7am. We had an extra ticket so we were able to tag Aiza along. Thank God, she was there to assist me with Abi :) We got to the branch just in time for breakfast. Since Abi was up early, she was cranky of course and wanted only me. But I was able to grab some breakfast, juts the same.

We were seated in one corner, with the drinks station just beside us, because we wanted a bigger space for K’s stroller. You bet it was a busy corner but it didn’t matter because we were able to ask for refills and ice right away. We also chose that table after seeing the exit sign opposite the drinks station on the layout. I thought, there, we have a place to run to when K becomes to fussy about the noise. But alas, the “exit” turned out to be a room where they bring the used plates to and where the food from downstairs are brought up. Now the monitors are on that side so we were blocked most of the time because the waiters kept walking back and forth! It was not an issue, however, when the main fight was up because settled down.

Lunch was served before the main event but the buffet set-up was not enough to serve everyone quickly. I’m thinking Dad’s overdid their reservations! Plus the people/guests have no consideration of the other paying customers. Imagine hoarding the food and never finishing the entire plate! So disgusting and disappointing. See people, when you say eat-all-you-can buffet, it means taking only what you can digest and getting some more if you still can. Simple. I imagined all those unfortunate families who have nothing to eat and yet those who feel privileged think it is okay to waste food. Tsk. I imagine the wastage to be at least 1/4 of the actual consumption and that is sad. The tickets said “no left-over” but I guess others don not know what that means! And the management was not able to charge double anymore.

Okay back to the fight. It was so boring I almost fell asleep! But I was glad nonetheless because it was not that exciting so the noise was at minimum. There were a few catcalls and claps but not enough to wake Abi. Yes, she slept through Manny’s fight, LOL! For that I feel blessed enough :) By now everyone already knows how the fight turned out. Of course, Manny won by unanimous decision!

Overall, I think it was a good decision to just watch the fight in a restaurant rather than in a theater or at the Araneta (if my family decided to watch in Araneta, Abi and I would have been left behind again). At least we got even with the food we consumed :)

PS. Can you tell we were busy eating so pictures are lacking?! :)

Derma Visit

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tomorrow (rather later) we are going to visit Dra. Iris for Klaire’s follow-up (then maybe I can also seek advice on adult acne home treatment because sadly, I'm having break-outs again!). Remember that I was worried about K’s rash on the face since December, or even earlier? Well, Dra. attended a party where we were also invited to one week before K’s first birthday. She said that the lesion is already infected and needed medication. A week later, she realized that it was more than just bacterial and needed some steriods to heal when the topical did little improvement.

A month ago, she prescribed a different cream in combination with the old ones. I am happy to announce that K’s face has improved so much and I can just sigh in relief. Later when we visit, the doctor will just check the progress and I am sure she will be delighted :)

Summer is Here!

Monday, March 15, 2010

And it came a bit early this year! You bet I get cranky each day because of the heat. About two weeks ago, Ane could not take it anymore so he got the idea of dipping in the pool one afternoon – with Klaire :) Now it was Klaire’s first time in the pool and I can say that she enjoyed it very much! Here are some pictures to prove it:

 swimming (11) swimming (20)

swimming (25) 

Summer will be long this year, says PAG-ASA, so I guess we’ll be needing more bathing suits and swimming diapers, eh? And floaters too!

Supplier Rating; Fotoadik Photobooth

Sunday, March 14, 2010


A photobooth was in my “nice-to-have list”. I really wanted to have one to serve as the guest souvenir from the party. But since I was working on a budget, I didn’t know how I can still add it in. I kept it in my list though. I was ready to give up until my in-laws pledged contribution. It was also the same time when my brother Gi attended a party where there was a photobooth serviced by not one of the industry leaders but still worked for him and his friends. Gi pointed me to Fotoadik’s mulitply and found out that their service is cheaper by P2500 for the same package offered by another supplier! I also realized that Fotoadik’s package is the cheapest at that time. We got the two-hour package and since they had a promo until end of December 2009, we got 30minutes extension for free. By now, you know Ane gave in to my wish! Darla contacted them. sent me the contract, sent it back after I signed, paid the DP and we were good to go :)

We arrived at Acropolis and the set-up was almost ready. The doctors who own Fotoadik were also there to supervise. I did the layouts for the background and souvenir photo which was just fine-tuned by their artist.


Everybody had a blast in the booth! We were not able to avail of the thirty-minute stop time anymore as the guests didn’t stop falling in line :) A copy of all the pictures, raw and printed, were given to us already before they packed-up. We’d be glad to have them again…if we have not yet set up our own photobooth business, LOL!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Daday’s Cup

On February 24, Daday held her second Badminton Cup to celebrate her birthday. Almost everyone was stuck in heavy traffic jam because part of EDSA was closed for the People Power Anniversary celebration. But that did not stop anyone from having a great time. I was supposed to play, after about three years of not playing. But I was sick and my body was not conditioned for some physical activity. So Badong and I decided I will not play anymore to spare my partner. But I still went to show support :)

Badong & Roy for the Men and Rors & Joy (ladies) emerged as the champions. They got a left handed boobsie girl each as a trophy :)


It just sucks that I was not able to defend my title. Yes I was the champion in Daday’s Cup 1! But only because my partner was really good, LOL!

Speaking of tournaments, my cousin’s friend in the US is holding a sports tourney of his own, only in Baseball because that’s his current passion. I heard he will give away personalized baseball bats as trophies. He showed me the design and I am sure his players will like it!

Anyway, back to Daday’s Cup – mare, hold another one next year. I really wish I will be able to join by then :)

Post Birthday Celebration

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dad is going to treat us to the Pacquiao-Clottey fight screening tomorrow. He wanted me and Klaire to tag along so we could celebrate my birthday as a family :)


Too bad Badong will not be able to join us because he has work. I really hope Klaire will cooperate and not be too fussy about the noise. When that happens, I guess the two of us will just have to run to the nearest exit. LOL!

Birthday in about 24 hours

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yes I am turning a year older in a few hours. I received the gift from the husband a couple of weeks ago, talk about early, huh. Even if it was not some gold bullion, I really appreciate and loving it up to this moment. I will share more about it in a later post. Anyway, we spent our Tuesday on the road. I had to run an errand in Laguna and I had this brilliant idea to go to Tagaytay afterwards. Very happy that Ane obliged. We even had time to visit Caleruega, a place that has a special place in our lives since the errand was finished in about twenty minutes (could have been shorter if the office people started on time, another story).

Yes, the whole trip deserves a post of its own. Meanwhile, if you are my fb friend, you may check out the pictures that Badz uploaded.

Need to work. Later!


Saturday, March 06, 2010


I noticed that Filipino customs are slowly fading away. Not all kids ask for blessings anymore these days from the elders by making “mano”. I am so glad that Klaire learned it early on (even if she still does not understand the concept) and I am hoping she will take it with her even if she’s already grown up. This is also a sign of respect that is uniquely Filipino. I hope she will always remember that.

He’s going to work soon…

I heard from an old friend today and he sent me a message saying that he will start working real soon in a firm he only dreamed to work for. Apparently, an agent hooked him up to some New York jobs postings and he landed on a job in the Big Apple! He’s a lucky guy! He was even given the opportunity to bring his family there, double yey! All the best, bro!

Supplier Rating: Food Carts

Again, Darla took care of this. We had Taho, Cotton Candy and Ice Cream. Sorry, there are no pictures. They were not actually food carts but one big food stand where these three products were served side by side. Three guys also manned the booth. Taho was a blockbuster among the adults. I wanted to have taho during the party so I can be sure there’s something for Klaire to eat, but she never tasted it, even the ice cream, boo! :) Over-all I did not hear any bad comments about the food booth, so I guess the supplier did a good job.

Rating 5 out of 5

Leaking faucets

Just the other week, we purged the cabinets under the sink. Well, mainly we got rid of soda bottles so Dad could sell them. Then we noticed this smell and realized that one of the faucets has been leaking, not leaking where water is wasted but more on water not properly passing through the pipes. Must do something about it soon, an addition to the long list of what needs repairing in the house! Sigh.

Supplier Rating: Give-away and Game Prizes

When the inspiration to have an M&M-themed party came about, I immediately informed my sister about it which was just the right timing – Halloween was just around the corner. So a day after Trick or Treat, she trooped to the stores and grabbed M&M packs on sale. And she did not charge me a thing :) The candies arrived before Christmas and I was surprised to see that she sent hundreds of fun packs. I was delighted :)

Right after New Year, Darla tagged me along to Divisoria to buy toys as game prizes. I had extra money with me in case we needed to buy more stuff but turned out Darla brought enough already. For the loot bags, we we’re just thinking of buying small toys and put them inside a small bag with the M&Ms. But when we were walking around, we saw this store that sells different coin banks. Darla had a vision and thought of giving away bear coin banks with the candies :) It was a nice touch if I may say. The kids also enjoyed choosing the prize they like from the prize table.

collage4prizes  Divisoria will always be the right place to explore. Because of that rating is 5 out of 5 :)

March 2 isn’t just my Dad’s birthday…

Thursday, March 04, 2010

My dad turned 58 the other day. We visited him at home and was surprised that we weren’t the only ones who wanted to wish him well – they estimated 1500 people, maybe more. People started coming around lunch time, and some were still arriving when we left around 9pm.  It actually wasn’t a surprise anymore to see other people in our compound during his birthday but the crowd  this year was exceptionally big! We actually ran out of food to serve because my parents weren’t expecting that number. Thankfully, a lot of family friends also sent food and chipped in to buy more food. Amazing, eh?

But this post isn’t totally about Dad. As the title suggests, Dad isn’t the only one who is close to me that celebrates birthdays every second day of March. There’s Tanya, a high school friend and Miss Tina, my mentor. If you have been reading my blog, Miss Tina was my high school Biology teacher and later club moderator for Project EARTH. She passed away in January this year after being in coma for more than a month. She was just 42. 

I haven’t written anything to honor this great person, so I figured this is the best time. I guess if she’s watching over me from her heaven (Yes, I just finished reading the book Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold), she’d smile and say “That’s my girl!”.

Only a few of my classmates probably know how close I got to Miss Tina. My friendship with her spanned almost fifteen years. We kept in touch during those years after I graduated from HS. We’d greet each other during Christmas and New Year, and on our Birthdays. We’re both Pisceans, so I guess that explains why we understood each other. We’d text and call each other, out of the blue and just because. She never made it to my wedding or Klaire’s baptism but I knew in my heart that she meant to be there, only she couldn’t.

When we met in 1996, I was still the young, naive, shy and insecure girl from the province. I don’t know what it was about her that I was drawn to her. Maybe it was her laugh. Or her smiling face with the mole. Or her soft heart. All I know is that I knew I can talk to her about my worries (about school and personal stuff) and that she would not judge me. I slowly warmed up to her and found myself literally clinging to her even after my sophomore year ended. I was her ward, like a puppy wanting attention from her human. And she did not disappoint. We would spend time together talking about stuff over pizza and soda. She’d lecture me about life. She’d give me tips about boys. Yes! She encouraged me to have a boyfriend in HS so I would have an idea how it would feel and at the same time she guided me so I would not do anything that will ruin my future, KWIM? And most of all, beyond the classroom, she taught me to come out of my shell, find my potentials and overcome my insecurities. Honestly, I was a new and better person after HS, mostly because of her. I was more secured emotionally and was less sad.

On one of our conversations during my early twenties, I was catching my breath, telling her stories. She was suddenly quiet, then came the laugh – in that distinct high-toned laugh that was a Miss Tina trademark.  She exclaimed that hearing my stories and how I reasoned things out, she realized that I have truly grown up. That was a feat, she said.

She was mighty proud when she heard I was going to settle down, telling me that I have matured enough to marry. And she was shouting for joy when I finally got pregnant and had Klaire. She shared my triumphs and joys even if she only heard it on the phone or read it from my text messages. That’s what I miss most about her. That even though we were physically far from each other, we were spiritually together.

I don’t know why no one informed me of her ordeal early on. She was in the hospital since early November. This is why I also say only a few people knew how deep my relationship was with her. But I am putting all that behind now. She probably thought she’d get better anyway and will tell me all about it when she’s over the illness. She never made it.

Pagsanjan Laguna is too far a place to go. But I knew I had to pay my last respects even if it meant I had to leave Klaire behind for the entire day. I went to her funeral and I regret that I viewed her in the coffin. Her face changed, pain was apparent. And I would have wanted to remember her smiling forever instead. But to me she was still beautiful within, as we celebrated life well-lived albeit short. Her brother said in the speech: seeing all those nuns, co-teachers, administrators and current & past students in his sister’s wake & funeral only meant one thing: that she was a good person. Indeed, she was.

I miss you, Miss Tina. I will forever be grateful for the gift of friendship. Rest in peace.