Doing My Share

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Last week, I saw these re-usable bags in SM and told Ane I want to buy at least one. I didn’t know my Bebot friends were already talking about the bags for weeks now. So when we were out today to buy groceries, we dropped by the department store quickly to buy me this design (and another kind of re-usable shopping bag). I know I just did something right. I may not be able to help our environment in a big way, at least I am sure I am doing my share (or part of it). Early this year, we actually started bringing eco-bags when we buy our supermarket stuff. Also when buying small items, I specifically ask the cashier/checker to not put my items in a plastic anymore and just ask for the receipt. Sometimes I get looks that say I am weird but I don’t care. I just say, “Save the Earth, you know!?” when I am in the mood and just shrug when I have no time to explain hehe.

How about you, are you helping? :)