Yes, There Are No Hilarious Videos and Free iPads on FB

Sunday, May 30, 2010

If you have been spending time in Facebook, you probably already noticed that a malware attacked the system at least three times in the last three weeks. The malware is disguised as one “hilarious or sexy video” that a normal person can get interested on. I do not understand why a lot of people still get scammed into clicking and installing a malware that tries to access all contacts and details of the account. The app is called “Media Player HD” and leads you to install “FLV Player”. This can break or corrupt your system. An even more alarming style is that you will be asked to enter a contest giving you a chance to”win an iPad” making you more vulnerable.

To avoid it, simply delete the post on your wall, never click on the links and never use your log-in details unless you are on FB’s homepage.