Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For the longest time, I am not able to join and I am just glad that today I can post something…just on time! ;) It pays to be thankful, right? All the blessings continue to pour in when one appreciates the things that come along.



  1. 1. Ane treating us, Klaire and I, to Lunch on Monday at Friday’s MOA.
  3. 2. Fuss-free and fast passport renewal for Ane because it meant no one had to throw tantrums that morning. Hehe.
  5. 3. Ane’s passport renewal now being processed. We are just waiting for it to be delivered by courier.

4. Klaire behaving while we were out on Monday. She sat on the high chair (the two times we were eating) and her stroller.

5. Opportunities! And friends who never forget to consider me ;)

6.  GLEE!

7.  Mom’s new anecdotes about Joaquin.

8. Another photo book in transit to Manila. I am also almost done with another pb.

9. Afternoon naps :)

10. Coffee.


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