Local Movies

Saturday, July 24, 2010

There is one local movie I am looking forward to seeing: Mamarazzi! It stars Eugene Domingo, Sweet Lapus and others. I am sure this will be a riot of a movie, maybe corny but still uber funny. Eversince I saw Uge in Kimmy Dora, she earned my respect. She knows her craft and her timing is impeccable. She makes me laugh! And then let her play the roles with John Lapus? Perfect! I am going to watch Here Comes the Bride pretty soon, warm-up for Mamarazzi perhaps?

Here is the full trailer of the upcoming movie. I really wish we can see it in the theaters:


Aggie said...

This one I like din :)grabe I cried because I laughed so hard in Kimmy Dora.

Kaje said...

Grabe yang Kimmy Dora ano? simula hanggang dulo nakakatawa! :)