Getting to know me :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Questions from n@w and I just followed Aggie's suit to turn it into an entry. ;)

1. Name: Khristine

2. Spouse’s name: Rommel

2a. What you call your spouse when you’re mad: HOYYYYYY! (same with Alpha hahah)

3. Child/Children’ s name/s and age/s: Baby Dot EDD January 31, 2009

3a. Pet’s name/s and breed/s: Keisuke, shih tzu and Xena, pitbull

4. Wedding date/s: July 1, 2006

4a. Your relation to the Best Men at your wedding: Cousin-in-Law and Ane's Best Friend

4b. Your wedding souvenir: Native bags from Bicol

5. Your birthday: March 11

5a. How many hours your mom was in labor with you: Not sure but I guess it took time because I was a big baby.

6. Spouse’s birthday: July 14

6a. what you guys did for his/her last birthday:My family had lunch without him because he had to work LOL!

7. Address / General location: Malabon City/Quezon City

8. Your job / company / line of work: Part-timer at Family Business, part-time Bum

9. Your spouse’s job / company / line of work: Senior Systems Engineer, IT Industry

10. Your school course : DLSU PSM-BMG 1999

11. Your spouse’s school course : AMA QC ComEng 1998

12. Your interests: digiscrapping, photography, good food and good books.

13. Business: (if you have) Tindera ng Pizza at Kape

14. What part of the Philippines/ world are you from? Bulacan

15. What part of the Philippines/ world is your spouse from? Malabon

16. Last celebrity you saw in person: Richard Gomez at GBC

17. The number of SMs (as in, Shoe Marts) you’ve been to: Hmmmmm 18!!!!-- North/The Block, Manila, Quiapo, Harrison, MOA, SouthMall, Centerpoint, Megamall, Marilao, Valenzuela, Clark, Baguio, Davao, Makati, Bicutan, Fairview, San Lazaro, Pasig (hindi masyadong adik?)

18. Social networking or blogging chuva you’re part of: Friendster, Multiply (not updated), Twitter, Flickr.

19. Kapamilya o Kapuso? Certified Kapuso :)

20. Complete the sentence: One time I got drunk…I got into so much trouble because the day after is my College Graduation day!!!