The Workforce

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My little brother is going to the same University that I went to. It's funny to know that some of his professors were my professors then. I looked at the Uni's website and truly, they're still there...only older (with chubby faces and grey hair)! One of my Management professors is now the University Registrar.

And then I checked one of bro's workbooks and realized that one of the workbook's authors was also one of my Accounting Professors! And then I remembered that because of that one Prof, who gave me a few points short in my final grade to be allowed to shift to Accountancy, I wasn't able to shift. See there's a minimum grade to take BSA as a Major, otherwise I would have to take the Course again. I didn't fail the course so I didn't see the point of shifting anymore. Hearing this, Hubby quipped that if I was able to shift then I would be in the workforce at this time...and then laughing his a** off.

I just know that he has a hidden message in what he said but I didn't dare him to tell me, hehe. I am more of a bum and freeloader at the moment. And he feels that I will be happier when I start working again in the "real world". I dunno. I am not actively looking but I've done steps to apply in this one company that I really wanna work for. (On the side, if you are looking for Boston jobs, then go on to the site, might be helpful :))

For now, there's nothing I can do but wait. Changes are imminent. We'll see.