Thursday, June 05, 2008

This blog has been obviously neglected. I know I can't blame it on being sluggish, but I am honestly sluggish. Plus I let my brother use Ivy sometimes since his laptop kinda conked out on him...bad timing since school just started. We've been staying at the brothers' apartment because we feel it is more practical (with the gas prices nowadays, hah!). I've stopped going to the gym for the meantime, so my weight loss program is also on hold. But I plan to do some walking so my body won't react too much to the sudden change in physical activity (or inactivity, for that matter).

Ok, enough explaining nonsense, wish I can say more. Gotta "work" my b**t off and do those opps, if you know what I mean :) Need to finish some of it before Hubby comes back from work and ten we're off to the garden.