Bloody! (An update)

Friday, August 24, 2007

So I got the results this morning. All numbers! I need to go back to the doctor so she could explain to me what it all means, hehehe. But looking at the results and the normal ranges, I am within the ranges :) I still need to hear it from the doctor herself, though.

Thank you Mich and Donna for the comments on my original post :)

See, even my right arm is bruised (but not as bad as the left arm). When I returned for the results, I asked the releasing girl if this was all normal. She asked me if I was told to apply hot compress, well, they didn't. She asked me a lot of questions like when I had the extraction done, etc etc. I was blabbing until the woman sitting there waiting for her result called my attention. And showed me a bruise much much bigger than mine (and she had her extraction on Sunday!). I was stupefied and felt ashamed my worries are "miniscule" compared to hers. But whatever! Hay, just let it go, and hope I need not go through something like this again in the very near future.

The fact, however, still remains. The medtech who handled me for the first time probably wasn't trained enough to poke needles. Sheesh.


H2OBaby said...

Hi Kaje! Hope everything's weel with you! Have a great week!