No wonder I am getting bigger...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yesterday, all I did was eat (well, on top of the computer work I had to do, of course). To prove:

-- I had some Cheeseburger, Regular Fries and a Coke Light Float from Mcdo for lunch (no breakfast!).
-- After a couple of hours, I ordered one Asado Siopao and gulped about two glasses of Coke Light.
-- A few mintes after, Mom came and while chatting, my Bro. R was munching on some BBQ fries and I grabbed some too.
-- Then the two of them ordered a Pepperoni Pizza, I wasn't able to stop myself and had a slice too...and more Coke light!
-- Then I remembered I bought some Avocado the day before so I had Zoie prepare some for me...ok, two pieces, medium sized and instructed Z to put some evap milk and sugar and ice.
-- Just before Dinner time, I saw my Dad enjoying some oysters, I just had to help myself to some...hhhhmmmmm about 10-15 pieces (could be more!) of juicy, perfectly cooked oysters, not the baked ones. Vinegar with some sili and onions, was heaven.
-- And I still had the space to eat some real dinner - Rice and Sarsiadong Gigi, yum!

Oh my. I need to stop myself. This afternoon, I went bloghopping and saw Shuttleswoosh posting a picture of a very mouth-watering blueberry cheesecake! And right now, as I type this, I wanna eat some burgers (again!) preferably from Wendy's. Nuninuninuninunini....