JDV made me feel so poor!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Currently watching Reporter's Notebook over at GMA.

Joe de Venecia: "I belong to a middle class family."

His basis? His monthly salary as a Congressman is P35,000. Tsk. And claims that the only advantage of his position is that he doesn't get stuck in heavy traffic. He failed to mention that he owns at least one big property in an upscale village in Makati. Go figure.

Ane and I: So what does that make us? Pobre. Kawawa naman kami.


Purple Pig! said...

huwaat asar ha pa-humble effect....false humility!

e pano na ko? pulubi!

Kaje said...

sabi ni badong, bigla kami naging hampas-lupa hehehe