Snailmails and Handwritten journals.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I was browsing thru the webpage of the family friend who recently died. She posted some of her letters to her daughter, and made me think. When was the last time I actually wrote a heartfelt letter using my own cursive strokes? I cannot remember. I cannot even remember the time when people would check their mail boxes, wondering whether the mailman already dropped by? (I still see the same man who delivered our letters when we were young..until now he walks everyday but mainly to deliver bills, perhaps?).

With the digital age in our midst, my last handwritten journal was probably composed eons ago! I wanna go back to writing. My hand starts to shake now everytime I write stuff (receipts, reminders, etc. in haste) and my writing isn't the same as the one others admired for its clean lines (print). I guess I'll have to practice again.


Purple Pig! said...

hay tin ako naman parang if i have to write something which I know that I should have electronic version din naman super tamad akong isulat..... i have to do it in computer talaga kahit nasa bahay.

donna_chocnut said...

hi tin, oo nga you're right. iba pa rin talaga ang snail mails and letters - as in handwritten. nagagawa ko pa rin naman pero minsan lang.

Kaje said...

the last time i did handwritten notes was when we sent our invitations to our wedding sponsors and entourage, hehehe tagal na. pangit pangit na sulat ko ngayon kasi alang practice :(