We deserved a Mcdo Float each :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

That is, after being stranded at home for about 36hours :)

I do not mind staying home for long hours as long as I am given the option to go out ANYTIME. But that wasn't the case. We could not go out because it rained nonstop since Tuesday evening and the tide was high early yesterday (and today). A wall near the river collapsed which made the entire situation even worse. The flood was almost knee-high this morning, deeper down the street. Welcome to our world. Welcome to Malabon. Hehe.

I am just glad that even if we do not have cable tv at home, I had Ane with me (on his rest days) and the DSL & electricity cooperated. Worse, we only had water and ice inside the refrigerator, and oh rice, a bag of Cheetos, 2 cans of sliced pineapples, and 4 pieces of bite-sized chocolates! We always forget to buy groceries since we got back from the long break. I should be grateful for what we had though...others had nothing to eat. And besides, our Bong was more than willing to brave the flood and buy things for us. I had her buy some Coke Light this morning because not having any made me all the more depressed of our situation. Hehe. Not having any Coke Light to drink was more depressing than seeing boats outside our home. Exagg. Hihi.

Around 5pm, Ane looked outside and the flood have subsided a bit. Thank God it stopped raining. We decided to leave and let Espee, the Sportivo, tackle the water. The water was up to 3/4 of the poor truck's wheels. But we got through. The minute we stepped on Valenzuela, we realized that life beyond Malabon was pretty normal!

We drove thru Mcdonald's on our way to QC and got ourselves some Twister Fries and Float. Comfort Food! :) We got to the apartment and caught the news. Apparently, the City council of Malabon declared the City in a State of Calamity since 60% of the area is still under the waters! If you saw the news this evening (24Oras), the scene with boats was shot along our street! It was that bad. I am just too glad we were able to evacuate or we might be stuck there until tomorrow.

And in case you wanna know, there were no damages to our home. I am just sad that others were not as lucky as we are. Flooded houses are in fact already a way of life out there. Nothing to do but accept their circumstances :(

PS. Another underwater county, Obando, was also heavily flooded. Our coffee shop and pizza parlor's stock and freezer area is currently submerged in water. It's good that our crew was able to transfer what needed to be transferred. I hope everything gets back to normal tomorrow.