Diet, diet, diet!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Since being told to lose weight about three weeks ago, I've been very religious in watching what I eat. I even went back to playing badminton (twice a week, if time permits). I am yet to go back to the gym, my PT Ome has been texting me asking me when I am returning. Sadly, I still cannot figure out how I can go again. My gym is in Malate and I have no car to use to go there.

When I started to watch what I eat, I noticed I'd get easily nauseous to the point of wanting to throw up. I never starved myself but my body probably reacted to sudden change in eating habits.

Anyway, yesterday was another playing day. While waiting for our turn, we passed around some junk food (argh!) and I even finished 5 8oz plastic cups of fresh buco. When we got home, I had more rice than I should and felt bad about it. I still felt hungry that I asked Ane if we could get some coffee from Starbucks. We did go out to buy some. While there, successfully stopped myself from getting an order of Banoffee Pie. I ordered a tall hot non-fat latte. Ane got himself a jave chip frap AND a slice of Oreo Cheesecake...which I was not able to resist! I did share with him. And I slept the guilt off.

This morning, I met with my former colleague Cleng for breakfast, and I had another cup of Starbucks coffee and a Chicken Empanada, guilt free...since it was my first meal of the day. Then after our first appointment, Ane and I passed by Galleria. And that picture that comes with this entry (something that I missed trying in SanFo)? I bought that calorie-laden fruit and shared it with Ane...after having rice and tinola for lunch! And what happened after lunch and dessert?!? We took a nap while waiting for our next appointment (which didn't push thru btw). As if it wasn't enough, we later shared a pint of ice cream! A few hours passed and it was dinnertime. Did you think I'd pass?! No! Dinner was rice and sinigang, and 2 slices of ripe mango for dessert, not to mention a glass of Coke light.

Honestly, I need to stop eating.


donna_chocnut said...

Tin, eh ang payat mo na, you need to lose weight pa? Ah, yan yung apple na binebenta rin sa Megamall. It looks soooo good. Shempre hanggang tingin lang ako. It's a favorite of my office mate.

Kaje said...

yup donna, i need to lose at least 10lbs to reach my ideal weight hehehehe hindi lang halata. :)

masarap yang caramel covered apple heheheh tingin ka lang!!!!