Star sighting to the next level :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I've been frequenting for a time now, because their entertainment news (local) are pretty updated. Sometime I need not buy my usual entertainment magazine fix, I just need to go over the site. Lately, I've been visiting theinsideronline for Hollywood news, heheh. Quite updated just the same. Like, that is where I saw Paris Hilton selling her property in Hollywood Hills (only because the place has been televised many times over when she was put on house arrest for..a day!) for $4.25M. Some real estate brokers would probably be fighting to close the deal. For one, the house's value alone is probably more than that...only because the Heiress lived there. Hehe.

On other news, Nicole Richie confirmed she is 4mos pregnant & will serve jail for 4 days (what is happening to these girls?!? All screwed up!) and Eva Longoria is sporting a new 'do and Christina Aguilera apologizes for cancelling her two Aussie concerts. And Lindsay? A new lawsuit filed in the Small claims. Huh.

Hmmm...I wonder if this (writing things irrelevant really, that is) what happens when one is bummed at home. ;)