The storm has passed.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Typhoon Egay finally left Philippine area of responsibility on Saturday. The last three weeks were stormy (Egay came after Dodong and another one) and found us spending more nights in Quezon City than at home. Imagine us sneaking out of the house at 2am on Saturday coz hubby feared we would get stranded again at home and he won't be able to report for work! It was raining hard with matching thunder and lightning.

Because of the flooded streets, I also had limited time checking on the garden and the pizza parlor. When we did visit last night (after braving the waters), I noticed that our tents are almost worn out, the floors need a mean scrubbing and the outdoor lighting probably needs to be replaced (after those strong winds, hah!).

We are still lucky I'd say, the typhoon(s) left us with minimum damage. There are still a lot of homeless families in evacuation centers. In times like these, having a roof atop our heads is almost always enough.