I hate myself for feeling this way.

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's just that someone approved my Friendster add request and when I browsed my list, the person isn't there. What was that about, huh? Approve me and then just delete like it never happened? Considering that this person was close to my heart back in the days.

I know I suck at keeping in touch with my friends but I never never never add someone unless that person is someone I'd really want to have contacts with. I am terrible when it comes to calling, texting or emailing my friends but I never forget those who made a difference in my life.

I always say that I have a lot of friends (I've been here, there and everywhere) but very few close ones. My social life is limited yet I make time when scheduled meet-ups happen. Because there is always a sense of security on my part when I do see my friends. And Friendster has been really helpful for me to connect with old friends I don't wanna trash away.

Sigh. I just feel the door was closed right in my face. This person probably didn't mean to do that, but at this point I cannot see the reason. So disappointing.