Abi and Sissy

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Another first month picture :) That's Abi and Sissy, side by side :) Sissy is my doll, Abi will most likely inherit her. I hope she takes care of Sissy and Abi should consider herself lucky since she got Sissy at an early age (while I had to wait until I'm in my twenties to receive a newborn sized doll!). Anyway, I plan to shoot them together every month until Abi turns one year old.

PS. notice Abi's eyes are half-open, and she's sleeping! Mana kina Aunt Mabel and Kuya Joaquin! :)


Jhari said...

hihi! pag ganun daw half open ang eyes ate suplada daw. i don't know if it's true kasi yung niece ko ganun matulog eh. pero hindi naman supladida - niloloko ko nga na malaki lang talaga ang mata nya, hehehe! galit na galit sa akin pag sinasabi ko yun.

bb abi's getting bigger na. sarap maging mommy noh ate?

Kaje said...

hindi yata totoo yun ehehe bait naman yung sis ko pati nephew ko hehee pero si abi, i call her singkit na dilat :)

ambilis ng panahon noh? but i like to fatten her more :)