My light bulb moment...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Last week, while I was trying to squeeze in some internet time, I complained to Ane that Ivy has slowed down. It takes a few seconds before I can click on things, thinking that Ivy is taking time -- Heaven knows I am too much dependent on the mouse, although I know a few helpful shortcuts. Yeah, I was ready to blame it on Cabal for taking too much of Ivy's space, slowing her down (Pasensiya na, nag ako eh hehee). Ane said, it could be that Ivy is already having a hard time because the internal fan needs to be replaced already.

So I kept complaining and nagging Ane about it. We have to take care of Ivy since we don't have the budget yet for her imminent replacement.

Ane went home to Malabon last Friday and returned here with a new mouse. When it was my turn to use Ivy, I had a light bulb moment. It's the old mouse that's causing me headaches! Must be the clicks that are busted. Now, we're using the fourth mouse since having Ivy around.

Now the clicking problem is out of the way, I can now go ahead and do tasks faster.