Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I am taking this opportunity to go online, blog and do some tasks. Ane just got home from work, and since it is his day-off tomorrow, he agreed to look after Abi for a while. Now they're both asleep, and Abi is actually lying down! Sigh, life can be unfair sometimes, hehehe. When I'm the one taking care of Abi, she knows when I put her down and promptly screams when I do (sometimes, she doesn't notice, but in less than five minutes, she knows!).

Anyway, I am enjoying this ME time for now since I know it won't last for long :)


Anonymous said...

Talagang matalino nag mga babies no? You should buy "On Becoming Baby Wise" book book that advocates using parent directed feedings to put babies on routines for eating, nap time, and sleep time. It works with my 2 kids. They both slept through the night after 6 weeks :)

Kaje said...

thanks nits! i'll check that out! :)