Abi's First bath

Saturday, March 07, 2009

February 14. Abi's Pedia instructed that we bathe Abi 2-3 days after the cord stump falls off (her stump fell off on February 11). We sponge bathed her before that day. It was also the day of her first well-baby check-up. So we were pressed for time. We got up at 10am, started preparing, but still missed the 1pm appointment! It's true what they say about having a child in tow, you'll have to adjust big time to avoid getting late for appointments!

Anyway, I was hoping I'd have my Mom assist me in her first bath. But she and dad had to leave early for Bulacan so Ane and I were left to do it ourselves. I was nervous that I might hurt her but I had to do it. I just remembered how Mommy would bathe Gi years back. Mom left instructions too. So I pretended to Ane I knew what I was doing, hehe ;)

What can I say? Abi loved her bath! She was crying before we started and she calmed down while bathing. So cute! A sign that she loved it too much? She cried when we finished! The subsequent baths have been so nice and easy for the two of us. :)


Anonymous said...

pareho tayo asher's first tub bath (full bath) was days after his cord stump fell off. Galing mo ha..ako natakot ako nun eh kaya I let my mom bathe Asher nung first niya. Takot kasi ako baka malagyan ng tubig yung tenga. hehe

Kaje said...

oo nga eh, lakasan lang ng loob :)

Jhari said...

Same here, I let Mommy bathe Bb Julia din for the first time. Full coverage ng Photos and Video (courtesy of my FIL), hehehe! Si Julia naman super to the max ang iyak, pero now gustong gusto na nya ang maligo. Nilalasam pa ang tubig, hehehe!

karen said...

i remember my bea's first bath. kakatakot! si hubby ang may lakas ng loob, ako wala! taga picture lang! hehehe...napaka-fragile!