Thursday, March 12, 2009

I turned a year older.

The clock struck twelve with my little Princess cuddled in my arms. All the more that I felt lucky and so much blessed. What more can I ask for?

My little family of three celebrated in a very simple way (of course I wasn't expecting something grand as Orlando vacations!). After we picked up my Artscow prints from the QCPO, we went to Rockwell just to stroll. It was Abi's first time to be in mall! :) She didn't like to be in her stroller and wanted to be carried most of the time. We need to practice with the sling! We went to the chapel first to pray then bought Abi some Playtex teats. Apparently she likes the latex ones and we have more silicone teats at home. We were looking for a reception dress for Abi but didn't find anything (later in the day, Ane brought her another Periwinkle dress na lang from Greenhills).

For lunch, we were finally able to try Pepper Lunch. We've always wanted to eat there but the line is always long when we're at the mall on weekends. So we took the opportunity yesterday before the office people flock in for lunch. I had to be very careful at the table because Abi decided she wanted to feed! I thank the crew for seating us in a big table/counter. And then we had coffee at Starbucks where Abi demanded for her pacifier (Me! wahaha!). After buying me a headband, candies, chips and Royce' Chocolates (and diapers & wipes for Abi), we were homebound.

It was a short day-out but I appreciate that Ane agreed to "date" Abi and me. Though I didn't get the Experia I've been wishing for, I'm happy that Ane allowed me to eat and drink whatever I want yesterday :) If you know me, that's a great gift already ;)


Jhari said...

Belated Hbdy ate Kaje! Hugs!