Abi's First Nail Cutting Session

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

February 7 was the first time we had Abi's nails cut. We had to wait for people to visit us at home to help us out, hehe. My Mom was hesitant because she does not trust her eyes anymore and Ane & I were afraid we'd hurt Abi if we do it ourselves. So it was a relief when Odie, Abi's Ninang, agreed to do it. The picture was taken by Ane using Rissa's camera, without the flash on. It looked like we were inside an operating room doing some really serious business, LOL! We didn't need special lighting fixtures for this "event", we just borrowed Mom's bedside reading lamp.

Thanks, Ninang!

ps. Now I do her nails myself, I can't afford to transport Odie everytime we need to cut Abi's nails, LOL! Mahal ang home service, hehe.