Abi's First Month

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Since there's no 30 in February, we "celebrated" Abi's First month last February 28 :) We went to her Pedia in the morning for her second well-baby check-up and second dose of HepaB vaccine. She's doing perfectly except that she lost some weight (oh well, it was a significant loss I got really worried but Dr. A said there's no cause for alarm) from the last check-up. Babies who are exclusively breastfed naturally lose weight in the first few weeks, I was told, and maybe Abi was just delayed in the loss (she gained in her first two weeks anyway).

We were in and out of the clinic in a breeze. Unlike when I was still going there for my pre-natal (the OB and Pedia share the clinic) on a Saturday, we didn't have to wait hours for our turn. Babies are quicker to attend to, hehe.

Ane and I were craving Chicken Joy so we had brunch at Jollibee Ortigas, where we also bought Abi's Red Ribbon cake. Boy am just so glad there's a S'mores cake available. Was craving that cake when I was pregnant! :)

Then at 2 in the afternoon, we were at Mary the Queen to attend the Baptism Seminar, in preparation for Abi's Baptism on the 14th. Abi's Ninang Rissa went with us, since it's a requirement to tag along one Godparent. We had to bring Abi with us, thank God she slept through it. I was worried she'd wake up and be fussy. There were only two babies in the room, the rest I guess had someone to leave their babies with. I also recognized one Mommy blogger among the attendees which I later confirmed with my Twitterfriends. I was too shy to go up to her and claim that I lurk in her blog, LOL!

Anyway, here are the pictures with the cake :)


Jhari said...

grabe ang bilis ng panahon. parang kailan lang noh? i just noticed ang haba ng paa ni bb abi. siguro matangkad ang family nyo te. happy 1st month baby!

Kaje said...

hindi kami matangkad. promise! baka kasi matangkad napaglihian ko? hahaha talagang me ganung factor ano? hehe