Me, after a month...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The picture was taken a week after I gave birth, and came from Rissa's cam when they went to visit us at home (again, pardon the hair). Now, three weeks after, I think I still look the same. When I was still pregnant, I thought I would need to exert extra effort to lose weight so I started looking for some diet pill information already. But I don't think I need to diet. I gained a total of 28lbs during pregnancy and last I weighed, on Saturday, I already lost 25lbs (the first 23lbs were shed off in the first two weeks!) Yey! And I'm not even watching my calorie intake, since I'm exclusively breastfeeding. It's true that breastfeeding helps in losing all those pounds. I have other issues with breastfeeding though, but that's for another post.

I always joke that the umbilical cord prolly was not cut since Abi sticks to me like glue. Day and night she's attached to me. I'm not complaining, though sometimes I wish I can have some more free time. Right now, my only ME time is when I go take a bath and I would usually rush because I'd imagine her crying out loud for me. Sometimes, I would rush only to find her soundly sleeping in her father's arms! Talk about being paranoid! :)

These days, we are busy preparing for her Baptism on the 14th. Since I can't personally look after the preps, I'm letting Ane do the legwork. It's gonna be a very very simple one, considering that it's a man doing all the needed stuff. We're just taking on the reception package offered by Max's and that's about it. No additional stuff to do anymore heheh.

Oopppsss, the baby's crying while the dad's snoring. I guess I need to go now, teehee!


Jhari said...

wohoo! sexy ate kaje ha. parang di ka nanganak ha. hehehe!

Kaje said...

thanks! you know i thank my OB and hubby for looking after my diet during pregnancy, kasi talagang hindi ako lumobo ng sobra :)