Uploading pictures

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I am currently uploading tons of pictures in my Flickr account. When I say tons, I mean hundreds of 'em. I started two days ago, and I'm not done yet. And I'm still just uploading Abi's pictures from the hospital.

I figured that since I am paying annually for the Pro account, might as well, use the service to literally host the pictures, like what my Bebot friends do. So expect that there are lots of seemingly same shots (see, Ane went trigger happy with the camera while we were at the hospital, LOL!). And the last upload, I forgot to private the pictures first hehehe. I intended to put into private all pictures yet and then I would choose what to put into Friends/Family and Or Public mode. So if you were there earlier and got bored, I apologize :) I'm done with the permissions now and I will be more cautious next time :)

Go to my Flickr page and see the pictures. If you can't view, you'll have to add me first :)