New Year Stuff

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I know I'm a bit late for these tags (we're five days into 2008! LOL!) but I guess I'd also share with you, my dear readers some traditions and resolutions. :)

Pretty MJ would like to know some of the traditions we do during the New Year: Well, for one, we make sure that we are home when the clock strikes 12. So this is the second time that Hubby and I spent together in our humble home. I also put fruits on the table (we have a picture of it). Hubby and I braved the supermarket (for I'm not a market person) on the morning of the 31st! Silly I know, but the rush makes it more exciting, eh. We also turn on all lights and open all windows. And then I cook something that is hot, with noodles, and has soup: sotanghon. That's about it. :)

And then Juliana listed her resolutions and tagged me so I could do the same. Oh well, I haven't made any resolutions for years now (I tend to break 'em anyway) but I promise myself I'd be more happy, more productive, more patient, more content and a better person this year. It's a long shot, I know, considering all other factors in my life at the moment but I'll try ;P

How about you, do you have these stuff to share? :)