Proud Big Sistah Moment

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yay! First official post for the year 2008! I stayed in bed ALL DAY yesterday (bummer, stomachache!) and had bank errands today. How are you all doin'? I hope you all had a very meaningful and happy celebrations.

Anyway, I received some wonderful news at 1230am...Look!

Yep yep! My dear LBB is accepted at DLSU to enroll in a CBE double degree, his first choice. Ain't that smart? Still waiting for the results from the other schools though before he decides where to go eventually :) Cheers! I hope this is a good sign that we're steering to better things this 2008!

Just dropping by to share the news. Gotta start working now (plus, my header needs to be changed! LOL!)...Til later, alligator!

ps. Ane is on a six-day off from work and I'm smiling. We weren't able to plan anything but that's more than enough time to be together. I just wished we knew a bit earlier.