12th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My first out of town trip for the year! Some of the E's and my two brothers trooped to Clark Field, Pampanga on February 10 (last day) to witness the take-off of very colorful hot air balloons. We also witnessed some aerobatics and parachute jumpers. We left early, as in early. I was awake by 230am (actually didn't sleep because I wanted to finish reading HP5 hehe) and then we were off by 3am.

We got to Clark just after 5am and there were already a lot of people that arrived before us. By 530am, the shootingfest began ;)

The rest of my shots are here while Ane's shots are here. I was using the Lumix while he practiced with the D40 (which has no name yet!). I haven't uploaded the "people" shots yet, hehe.

We started to get restless by 9am because it was getting hot and the time was like moving so slow. If we weren't there, I would have been still asleep by that time LOL! We decided to leave around 11am and had lunch at Teriyaki Boy in SM Clark (So CRT, don't worry, you didn't miss much on the "lafang" factor...LOL!). We thought we needed some caffeine fix but decided to just go home.

And oh! It was nice seeing BC (the blockmate who named me Kaje) and meeting some of his "cutie" friends ;)