Why I love the husband.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I've read Bebot Aggie's entries posting her reasons and thought I'd do the same. It is still February, so why not? It's not always that I do this for him anyway. :)

He's my best friend. He's my personal clown who never fails to make me laugh. He cries with me when I'm lonely and worried. He spoils me whenever he feels my whims are justifiable. He is my fountain of youth *wink*. He is my all around absorber (I wonder why he hasn't broken down, eh?!?). He helps me around the house. We have similar if not same interests. He allows me to become helpless sometimes so he can "rescue" me and be my own hero. He reminds me of my responsibilities when I become too distracted, which is always by the way. Oh! Did I say he spoils me rotten, already?

I love you Hun and thank you for being so nice to me...how about that pair of rare blue Havs papita is offering me? LOL! I can just imagine the look on the E ladies' faces once they're done reading this post, ROTFL!