Business Opportunity

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On February 5, I went to visit my old High School in Manila through the invitation of my former Bio Teacher and Club Coordinator (I was her President). It has something to do with meeting the PAASCU panel for the school accreditation. Turned out they wanted to have a dialogue with some of the Alumnae and I went to represent the mid-90's batch. LOL, I feel old, gawd. I asked Tanya to come along coz Miss Tina said they need more volunteers, the more the merrier. I was supposed to take pictures to show you how much my school has changed but I was still feeling so sick that time that I was not able to do so. A lot has indeed changed, infrastructure-wise! There's nothing much to share about the dialogue since the parents were the ones who mostly held on the mic, hehe. But one thing's for sure, the school's essence haven't changed since we left in '95. The teachings about Ora et Labora and Social Responsibility are still there. That makes me so proud to be a Kulasa.

Anyway, the point of this entry is actually what happened after that meeting. I received a text message from Tanya the other day asking if I would like to invest in a business. I asked her if there is a feasibility study already but she replied none yet and that it was just an idea she had. A new business venture would be a nice change for me but I worried how much investment she was thinking (we are financially-shaky at the moment). Ideas started to run in my head. Would be need big cash? Would we need tools like bpm? I must be crazy to think about these things this early because Tanya said she's just thinking about a small-time business with an investment as much as Php5000 (less than $100!) only. LOL! To say that I was relieved to hear that is an understatement. Hehe. So now, we are doing some research and then we will discuss it further when we meet again on March 17 (a dinner date with Ms. Tina since we ran out of time when we visited the school). I'll breathe until then :)