Be fair!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brother and I had late lunch at some dimsum place in Greenhills today, was craving some Taho, hehe. We entered the restaurant at the same time as a young family of three plus a yaya. I am saying how many they were because I am going to make a point later. They sat on a table adjacent to ours, ordered almost at the same time as us and enjoyed the food. When they were about to finish eating (or they were probably done eating by then), an old lady joined them at the table and chatted a bit. The lady didn't eat, as I also observed she was telling the others (while holding her tummy) that she was already full.

After about five minutes, the group asked for their bill and then the young lady hands over her credit card AND the old lady's senior citizen card. Huwat?!?!? They actually had the nerve to claim for the 20% discount when it was so obvious the old lady didn't consume anything!! I don't think that is fair at all to the establishment. See, our government does not reimburse the discount given to senior citizens. I know, because in our cafe, we shoulder that cost. The law is kinda one sided that way. It's probably ignorance of the law on the side of the consumers but hey, why would you claim for something you don't deserve, eh?