Late Bloomer...

Monday, April 28, 2008

That's me :) Yeah, my husband would tease me sometimes that I only had a chance to have a real night-out when we started going out (when I was already 21!!). While any normal teenager would enjoy hanging out with friends, I was home reading or sleeping. What is not so normal though is that I never experienced having pimples in high school or college. I'm lucky!? Not really, because it seemed like my hormones acted up a bit later than it should be. Yeah, my face broke out just when I was about to graduate from the university!! It was so bad that even over the counter acne solutions didn't help. I had to consult with a dermatologist to save my skin. It wasn't cheap but my parents shelved out money to clear my face. We aren't rich, so that took a huge chunk out of our monthly (or weekly budget!).

So what made me post this? Earlier today, I was looking at old photos and realized how bad my acne breakout was! LOL! I almost had the guts to post an old picture but I guess I chickened out! Let's leave 'em in the albums :)